Hey! This is Solitaire, a tribute and fanlisting to Knuckles the Echidna from the Sonic the Hedgehog series of games. Knuckles is super strong, and is one of the cooler looking characters in the series. No wonder he is one of the more popular characters in the Sonic world. I like him for other reasons, though. Knuckles is one of the more real characters in the games. He has intentions, and faults, and when you take a step back and look at him entirely, he is super interesting. With this site, I want to help you do that.

You can navigate this site by clicking the links above. Because the Sonic canon is so huge, and because there are so many inconsistencies with Knuckles' character from one medium to the next, I found it impossible to analyze him from everything he has ever appeared in. Because of that, I decided to focus on my favorite version of Knuckles, the one who appears in the video games.

If you are a fan of Knuckles, check out the fanlisting section, and join the list of fans! Let's show Knuckles the love he deserves.

I hope you enjoy your stay!



February 23, 2016 - Two new affiliates: Robotnik Empire and Sega Driven! Check out my affiliates page to read what I wrote about them; both sites offer something special.

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