Here are the awesome sites affiliated with mine. When you're done visiting here, these should be your next stops. They offer different interpretations of Knuckles, info on other characters, Sonic news, and more.

Saturday Morning Sonic Saturday Morning Sonic is blast from the past for anyone like me who used to wake up early on Saturdays to watch the Sonic cartoon. The site is an in-depth tribute to the entire series, and focuses on information and analysis. Whether you're a fan of the cartoon, or have never watched it before, you'll be able to enjoy Saturday Morning Sonic, as the webmasters have catered the site to new and old fans alike. And if you haven't watched it, the cartoon is available on Netflix, and can be bought in stores. SMS even has a Releases section to help get you started. Check the site and cartoon out; both are a treat.

Space Ace Soothsay Rock Steady

My friend Destinie makes amazing tributes to Nintendo characters. Since Knuckles has been appearing on Nintendo consoles recently, we found affiliation all too appropriate. Okay, I was just looking for a reason to affiliate with her sites. :P I love her personal take on characters, and her choice of topics for essays. Hero for Hire on Space Ace, her shrine to Fox from Star Fox, and her section on furries on Soothsay, a tribute to Krystal from the same game, are particularly interesting. Her shrine to Darunia from The Legend of Zelda is cute, and definitely worth a visit as well.

Robotnik Empire When Doc Robotnik asked me to affiliate, I couldn't say no! Knuckles is gullible, after all. This is a rad site, though, so I'm happy to oblige. It's dedicated to the evil scientific genius, Doctor Robotnik himself, and his parade of baddies. The site has a lot under construction which shows us we can look forward to more, but what is up is fun: profile scans, wallpapers, and even screen savers. This site takes me back to my earlier days on the web in a good way.

Sega Driven Sega Driven is your source to all things Sega. Complete with news, downloadable wallpapers, reviews, a Youtube channel, and a merchandise catalogue, this site has enough to keep any Sega fan, or anyone wanting to learn about Sega busy for a while. My favorite section is Features, personal and unique articles about Sega experiences.

Sonic HQ I'm pumped about being affiliated with Sonic HQ. It's a classic in the Sonic online community. A site with long history, it's over 15-years-old! Presently it covers some Sonic news, but its main focus is comics and music. The Comics section is a great introduction for any fan looking to get into a particular Sonic series, and the Music section, my favorite part of the site, is a lot of fun; the old school tracks definitely gets my nostalgia flowing!

Want to Affiliate?

If you'd like to affiliate with Solitaire, feel free to shoot me an e-mail. I'm looking to affiliate with Sonic sites and character shrines with something unique to offer. Basically, this means you shouldn't e-mail me if you ripped off Wikipedia. :P

Fanlisting affiliation is open to any video game fanlisting.