Thank you for clicking here! Solitaire is link-free. That basically means you don't have to ask me before you link me. (If you run a Sonic-related site, I'd love for you to let me know, though, so I can link you back!) Text links are more than fine, but I've put together an assortment of buttons and banners for you to use if you like. All I ask is that you save the image you choose and upload it to your own server. Direct links to

Shiori, Destinie, Masao, Sofia, Aranie, Teri, Anise, and Juhi were kind enough to make me buttons over the years. They are mixed in with (the decidedly crappier) mine and are credited with alt tags. Thank you so much, ladies. <3

Button! Button! Thanks, Shiori! Thanks, Destinie! Thanks, Destinie! Thanks, Masao! Thanks, Masao! Thanks, Aranie! Thanks, Teri! Thanks, Juhi! Thanks, Sofia! Thanks, Anise! Thanks, Anise! Thanks, Destinie! Banner! Thanks, Sofia!